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Zoe`s Choice/September Special

       It’s Zoe’s turn to pick her favourite treat to put on special this month.

           So lets have a round of apaws for our Dried Chickie Tickers.

Chicken heart is a vital organ, it is in actuality made up primarily of muscle with a small amount of fat and connective tissue. Aside from energy, vitamins and minerals, the heart also contains amino acids, specifically large amounts of taurine which is necessary for healthy heart and eyes.

                          Our discount deal is:      100 grams     $8.00

                                                                 250 grams     $18.00

                                                                 500 grams     $31.50

                                                                 1 Kilo             $58.50

                                                                 2 Kilos           $112.50

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We are always researching for new all natural treats and after months of experimental work we are introducing our tried and tested Dried Chicken He...
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