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The Great Pyramid Race / Gordonvale

Saturday 10 August 2013

About the Pyramid Race & Country Fair

The Great Pyramid Race and Country Fair is held every year in mid August in the small community of Gordonvale, located 24 kms south of Cairns. Other Sporting activities on this day include a 5km Road run and 1.5km Road Race.

They also have Markets Stalls, Entertainment, Children’s rides and amusements are held in Norman Park, culminating in a fireworks spectacular and local bands in the evening .

Race Facts


Walsh's Pyramid


922 meters


Norman Park, Gordonvale Australia

Race Record:

Neil Lybinsky 1:15:34


How the legend began

It began 54 years ago, in a local Gordonvale pub, with two cane farmers having an ‘argument’ after the end of a hard days work! They decided to settle this ‘argument’, with a race to the peak of the nearby Walsh’s Pyramid. This was (and still is) no ordinary race.

A wager was made between the two cane farmers to see who could run up in the quickest possible time. This race created so much interest that the local bookie took bets on which cane farmer was ‘right’.

From this humorous start, to a full day event with the “Great Pyramid Mountain Race” now having up to 175 runners. Since the race began, the training for the competition has gone from “no training at all and chasing wild pigs in the scrub”, to “intense training programmes for dedicated athletes”.

The first official race took place in 1959 to coincide with Queensland’s Centenary Celebrations and now is an annual event where some of the finest and strongest from around the world gather and strive to conquer the Mountain.