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The Great Pyramid Race and Country Fair

Saturday 9 August 2014
From 8 am

The legend began many years ago, in a local Gordonvale pub, with two cane farmers having an "argument" after the end of a hard days work! They decided to settle this "argument", with a race to the peak of the nearby Walsh's Pyramid. This was (and still is) no ordinary race. A wager was made between the two cane farmers to see who could run to the top and return in the quickest possible time. This race created so much interest that the local bookie took bets on which cane farmer would win. The first official race subsequently took place in 1959.

This being the 55th year the race has been held, it has grown from this humorous start, to a full day event with the “Great Pyramid Mountain Race” now having up to 175 runners.

There are three races held on the day, the full Pyramid Race (approx 11.6 km) the 5 km Cross Country which starts at Norman Park and runs  to the base of Walsh's Pyramid and back and finally the 1500 m road race, contested on the streets of Gordonvale.

Come along and support the athletes, join in the carnival spirit, there is entertainment, market stalls, food, activities and rides for the younger members of the family to get involved with and finishes off with a firework display at night.