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Feast of the Senses Market Day Extravaganza

Sunday 20 March 2016
9am till 3pm
The Feast of the Senses is North Queensland’s premier Tropical Food Experience. It headlines our impressive variety of rare and exotic fruits whilst also showcases our enviable range of other produce including meat, seafoods, herbs, spices and wine.

The 14th Feast of the Senses festival will be running from Friday 11 to Sunday 20 March. Many will be aware that 20 March is the 10th anniversary of Cyclone Larry. The Governor General Sir Peter and Lady Cosgrove are joining us for Australian Bananas Market Day.

Paul Wilson, is the celebrity chief for the day, he specialises in tropical produce, particularly the fruits of South America. He is looking forward to coming to the Feast of the Senses to experience first hand the wonderful array of produce.

The organising committee are in communication with the Guinness Book of Records and are planning to create the world’s longest banana split. This is a record that has been held since 1988 by the town of Selinsgrove in Pennsylvania, USA. The current record is 4.77 miles long. Their aim will be to achieve 5 miles or 8 kms. That’s 8,000 meters!! The logistics are impressive: Approximately 40,000 bananas, 2,000 litres of ice cream, topping and cream. The World Record will be attempted on Market Day after the main market. It will be a ticketed event that will involve a minimum of 8,000 people with a maximum of 16,000 people (between half a meter and a meter per person to make, then eat the banana split after judging). This event will be worth seeing or being part of, you may even have to help them eat it!!!!

It's a great day out with food, entertainment and fun! Come and join us! You will find our stall is in front Westpac Bank in the main street. Call in and say hello!