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Chinese New Year Festival

Saturday 1 February 2014

The Chinese New Year Festival or Spring festival as it is known in China is the most important Chinese community celebration of the year.

The Cairn's Festival, held on Grafton St between Shield and Spence Sts, showcases North Queensland's rich Chinese heritage through music, dance, cultural performances, food and market stalls.

Don't miss the parade featuring the traditional Chinese dragon, lions and the 12 Zodiac Animals.

Horoscope 2014, forecast for the 2014 year of the Horse The 2014 Chinese Year is the 31 number in the sixty-year cycle called Chia Wu and described in Chinese tradition like "Horse in the Clouds". 2014 is the year of Green Wooden Horse.
The upcoming compassionate 2014 year of the Horse is going to be attentive to all our troubles and quick to react in protection of those who cannot fight for themselves. The optimistic nature of the 2014 allows us to cope with financial hardships in the belief that good fortune will soon be on the way, while kind-hearted nature of the 2014 year provides us with supportive friends, ready to help us in difficulties just as we have helped them.