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Skin Irritation Problems.

  • A lot of skin irritations on dogs may and possibly are caused by flea hypersensitivity. It only takes a couple of fleas to get the dog into a chew, lick and scratch cycle. The chewing and scratching inflames the skin and the licking leaves the area moist which encourages bacteria and mites to multiply.

  • If you find you dog has an itching problem it is best to eliminate fleas as a first step to solving skin problems. For more advice on flea eradication see our information on fleas.

  • If you feel your dog still has skin irritations after the fleas have been eradicated, seek advice from your vet, there may be other reasons such as grass seed irritations, dermatitis or fungal infections.

  • It is uncommon for dogs to suffer from food allergies and testing for this can be an expensive and time consuming process, so it is best to eliminate all other causes of skin irritations first before having your dog tested for food allergies.

Natural Skin Irritation Relief

There are a variety of dog shampoos, washes and creams that are designed for skin irritation relief available from your Vet. However, we use a more natural remedy that gives comfort to Zoe as she has a wet grass and grass seed allergy. 

Each time we bath her:
1). We make a large pot of strong black tea and add this to the bucket of water we wet her down with.
2). Zoe is then bathed in a natural Rosemary, Lavender and Tea Tree oil soap, locally handmade with no sulphates, available from our local markets.
3). In the buckets of rinse water, we add 2 tablespoons of mint sauce per bucket and use this to wash the soap suds off her.

It is the tannin in the tea and the vinegar and mint in the rinse water which helps to sooth her skin.
This generally gives her relief for a week or so, depending on weather conditions and she smells beautiful.