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Ox heart is one of the leanest of all red meats, 1% or less in fat and has many health benefits for your dog.

Ox Heart, is a muscle like other cuts of steak, but it is more dense with a higher nutrient content, vitamin rich protein. It contains all essential amino acids, zinc, selenium and phosphorus, and has more than double the elastin and collagen than other cuts of meat and a highly concentrated source of coenzyme Q10, also known as CoQ10.

CoQ10 boosts energy levels, is vital for immune systems and works as an antioxidant -- fighting free radicals that damage DNA.
CoQ10 vastly improves cardiovascular function, may also prevent blood clot formation, lower blood pressure, reduce fluid in the lungs, aids in preventing heart disease and heart failure.  It also contains high levels of taurine and L- carnine which are both key defenders against heart disease.

Ox heart also contains several B vitamins, lycopene, iron, phosphorous, potassium, sodium, selenium and zinc.

All this makes for a superior all round healthy chewy dog treat (aids in cleaning teeth), and can be cut into smaller sizes for the perfect training aid and can be used to supplement your dogs daily diet.

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